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The No Food Rules Podcast

Mar 30, 2021


You know, something occurred to me recently – I have never really gone into much detail on this podcast about my own past struggles and journey toward food freedom and intuitive eating, and with my dog Theo, I am finally here to do that!

I share my earliest memory of an interaction that I had with diet culture...

Mar 23, 2021


We frequently compare ourselves to others, don't we? We compare how we look to how other people look. We compare our body types to other people's body types. We compare how much we eat to how much other people eat. Even I do it. We all do. Well, fellow member of The SociEATy Megan Olson and I are here to share one...

Mar 16, 2021


If you eat intuitively, then you have probably heard others ask you questions such as these: How do you get the nutrition that you need if you're eating intuitively? Won't your brain get hooked on food freedom which will lead to binge eating? Isn't intuitive eating just for lazy people who don't have the...

Mar 9, 2021


Something that doesn't seem to be talked about nearly enough is what to eat while you're pregnant, especially if you're on a food freedom and intuitive eating journey. Well, if that is a question that you have been finding yourself asking, then SociEATy member Bernadette “Bennie” Davis is here to provide some...

Mar 2, 2021


Breaking your food rules if you're trying to ditch diet culture and eat intuitively can be extremely difficult and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. You can break them! The first steps toward breaking them, however, is knowing what a food rule even is and what your own personal food rules are, and that is...